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Touch The Sun is now available!
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CDs Have Arrived!

Thanks to StormSpell Records for producing a limited pressing of 1000 copies of Touch The Sun worldwide!

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We will be setting up shipping options soon from the band directly. If you are local to the Western Pennsylvania region, and are able to contact us to arrange in-person delivery, but require online payment options instead of cash, use this button for that ONLY at this time! Thanks!

NOTE: for now, if you need a CD shipped to your address, you can order directly from StormSpell Records (HERE)

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Intergalactic Transmissions

Helios is a federation of experienced musicians who share a love of melodic heavy metal with incredible vocals.

Their mission is to bring metal audiences a sonic attack that infuses the nuclear power of the sun into the listener's spirit.

Rising from the ashes of their former band Storm Dragon, the four instrumentalists joined forces with powerful vocalist Tim Aymar to begin a new interpretation of their unique brand of metal. They soon discovered that with this melding of styles, they forged a completely new sound, one that fused with and accentuated the music perfectly.

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Tim Aymar

Lead Singer

International recording artist Tim Aymar is best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner of Death for the band Control Denied. He also sings for the bands Pharoah, Angband, Aymargeddon, and has previously led numerous other bands (Xthirt13n, Triple-X, etc).


Press and Reviews

"Helios (featuring Tim Aymar) release awesome music from new demo" :

Helios are going to be turning a lot of heads. The tri-state area band was formerly known as Storm Dragon and now is composed of legend Tim Aymar (Pharaoh, Control Denied) , Jonathan Stanley (Mirror Mirror & Bury My Blessings), Eric Rymers (Shiva Stone), Jack Buckholt, and Jeff Loy. They have some scorching new demo material out that already crushes many band’s completed albums. Tim sounds absolutely phenomenal with these guys and the material is complex but accessible for a near perfect heavy metal experience. It is a great blend of technical skill and direct songwriting with sky rattling vocal heights, a super tight rhythm section and crunchy riffs. Looking forward to more! I asked the band how it felt to have things moving forward. Anyone from Priest and trad metal fans to power metal fans to disciples of their previous bands will love this!

“It feels very rewarding! We have worked so hard to rebuild and reinvent the band and we think the addition of Tim did just that. We thank the fans and friends of the band for being so patient through this and we can’t wait to finish the record and play live for everyone!”

– Jonathan Stanley.


Monday Night Metal Madness with Helios -

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