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The Band

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Tim Aymar

Lead Singer

International recording artist Tim Aymar is best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner of Death for the band Control Denied. He also sings for the bands Pharoah, Angband, Aymargeddon, and has previously led numerous other bands (Xthirt13n, Triple-X, etc).

Jack Buckholt

Bass Guitarist

Jack Buckholt is no stranger to the Pittsburgh metal scene with an extensive catalog of early punk to Death metal recordings spanning over 20yrs. You can find his style of Bass mastery on ORDER OF NINE Season of Reign (Nightmare records), DYING BREED (Unsigned), STORM DRAGON and other various local recordings. Jack is currently using Spector Euro 5 LX bass, Ampeg SVT CLASSIC head with Mark Bass 4x10 cabs for all recording on his latest project with HELIOS.

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Jeff Loy

Lead Guitarist

Jeff Loy began playing guitar at the age of six. His influences are Criss Oliva (Savatage), Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Andy Larocque (King Diamond), Michael Schenker and many others. Past projects include The Death of Reason, Before We Die, Necrotherion, KLNZR, Fatality Risen, and Storm Dragon.

Jonathan Stanley

Lead Guitarist

Jonathan Stanley, from Steubenville, Ohio, has been playing guitar since age 14. He is also a guitar teacher at his local music store. He has played for Youth Gone Wild later renamed Mirror Mirror, Roxxxy, Bury My Blessings, and Storm Dragon. His biggest influence is Ace Frehley of Kiss, but is also influenced by the likes of Reb Beach (Winger), Yngwie Malmsteen, Jake E Lee (Ozzy/Badlands), and John Sykes (Whitesnake/Blue Murder) along with many others. He exclusively plays Kramer guitars.

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Eric Rymers


Eric Rymers started playing drums in the 80s covering 'Sabbath, 'Priest, 'Maiden, Metallica, Rush, Pantera, all of whom served as his major influences. Today he adds Opeth, Dream Theater, Tool, Lamb of God, and more to that list. In '09 he joined Las Vegas band Vile Child, opening for Paul Di'Anno, Icarus Witch, Havok, and others. He came to Pittsburgh in ‘11 and joined Shiva Stone, and in ‘17 joined Storm Dragon. He plays Pearl drums and Zildjian cymbals.

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