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From Storm Dragon to Helios...

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Helios originally began as the band Storm Dragon in 2016, solidifying their line-up of metal musicians in 2017 with Jeff, Jonathan, Jack, and Eric. They spent the next year perfecting their songs and then booking tour stops with the classic heavy metal bands Kingdom Come, Quiet Riot, Winger, and Metal Church. It was at one of these shows where the band met Tim Aymar and the seed was planted for a then-unknown future direction for the musicians. Due to musical differences with their previous singer, the band was looking to fill the lead vocalist role, and the obvious choice was consummate professional Tim Aymar.

Tim is a legend in Pittsburgh and throughout the metal world from his work with Chuck Schuldiner (of Death) and the band Control Denied on their final recording, the album "The Fragile Art of Existence." A seminal work of art, it was applauded by Death fans and metalheads everywhere, who had hoped for a follow-up album by the group, but sadly that was never to become reality after the untimely death of Chuck and the dissolution of his band.

The Storm Dragon band was ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with Tim, as he brings a wealth of experience and amazingly powerful vocals to the music. Repeatedly it has been observed that "this is the way these songs were supposed to sound all along!" With Tim's thoughtful and potent lyrics, and his clear and confident melodies, the music has unleashed its full potential, forcing the band to realize that this is a whole new beast. Thus Helios was born, and are preparing to bring the best production possible to metal audiences everywhere in the solar system. Listen to the demo to hear it for yourself!

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